The Mouse

This rounded grip, which resembles a computer mouse, is one of our smallest holds. They are great for foot grips. They work really well as an addition to a slippery volume. They are also great for when you want something seriously challenging to hold on to. They do especially well on slab climbs.


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Mounting options: screw-on



All of our wooden grips are precision machined from birch plywood. The machining process guarantees that you get exactly what you see. Meaning there aren’t any differences between 2 of the same grips. The use of birch plywood means that these grips are insanely strong. In addition to their added strength, the birch plywood ensures an even grain across the whole grip and therefore better friction overall. In our opinion these grips get better with age, as long as you remember to brush them every so often.



Don’t overtighten


Don’t get the grips wet







Additional information

Weight 0.012 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1.6 cm

Without required hardware, With all required hardware


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