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We are psyched to be so close to launching our freestanding wall. We have been developing this wall for quite some time now. It was very important to us that we create something that anyone can use, not only the pros. That's why we decided to make the wall adjustable, meaning the angle of the wall can be changed. The angle of the wall can range anywhere from 0 degrees to about 50 degrees.

We also wanted to make sure that the wall was easy to set up, so we made sure that the wall can be fully assembled by two average adults.

It was also important to us that the crash pads for the wall gave the same amount of protection as any other portable crash pad would. That's why we decided to make the pads for this wall 20cm thick.

The durability of this wall was also a priority. Therefore we decided to use 22mm birch plywood, for maximum strength and durability.

Finally, we wanted to make it portable. It has been designed so that it can be packed up and loaded into a bakkie. That means that when you move it won't be too much of a hassle to take your wall with you.

We can't wait to introduce our campus rungs. Campus rungs are an essential part of training and therefore a product that we felt we must add to our shop. Our campus rungs are made out of the same high quality birch plywood as all our other wooden products. This ensures that our campus rungs can withstand high amounts of force. It also ensures an even grain across the whole rung for a better and more enjoyable campus experience. Our campus rungs come in 3 standard sizes: 32mm, 25mm, 19mm.