During the lockdown of 2020, we decided to build a home wall to keep ourselves sane during the pandemic. During this process, we realised that there are very few locally produced, quality climbing products in South Africa. We also very quickly realised that if we wanted to have a high-quality home wall we would need to source a lot of products from overseas. We instead decided to make everything we need ourselves, and so our journey began.


Since then we have been designing, developing and refining our products to ensure they meet the needs of the South African climbing community.


We are proud to be a part of this growing community and we are psyched to make it more accessible. By producing locally made, sustainable climbing products at affordable prices we hope to do just that.


A big part of our mission is to create a company that gives back to the communities around us. Through sharing our love for climbing, we aim to create job opportunities for people in surrounding communities. We want to ensure that we do as much as we possibly can to empower those around us.


Sustainability is crucial to us. It is important to us that many future generations will be able to experience true outdoor climbing. This is why we keep sustainability at the core of everything we do.

Our process starts with an idea. Can we make quality wooden climbing holds? Can we make an adjustable freestanding wall? Can we make the perfect crag hangboard?


From there the development process starts. We start researching and finding ways to make it possible. We spend months designing the perfect product. Finally, we get our new product production-ready and present it to the world.


From there on out it is up to you to use the products which we have created and to make them your own.